What services can a Certified Public Accountant provide?

Running a business can be an interesting and rewarding experience, however it may also present you with a number of stumbling blocks (so to speak).

You may just be starting out or be looking for advice on how to grow or expand your business ...

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can benefit your business no matter what size or stage it is currently at. A CPA will do much more than just prepare accounts.




A Certified Public Accountant has the requisite knowledge and expertise to help you set up a new business and also help grow and expand your business. While a CPA may not provide all the services below - the list below gives you an indication of some of the services on offer by a CPA.


Starting Up


- Start Up Advice

- Business Plans

- Grant Applications

- Raising Finance

- Book Keeping

- Accounts

- Personal Tax


Growing your business


- Accounting Systems

- Budgeting

- Business Improvement

- Management Accounting

- Tax Planning

- Internal Audit





Growing/Expanding your Business Further


- International tax

- Going global

- Financial planning

- Acquiring other businesses

- Opening new premises

- Financial projections

- Employment advice

- Employee taxes

- Corporation tax

- Cash flows

- Audit and Assurance





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