10 Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Right Certified Public Accountant (CPA)



Selecting the right certified public accountant can be a hard task as there are too many of them in the market. If you are searching the market for someone suited to your requirements, here are the ten factors that you need to consider beforehand:



1. Familiarity with Your Industry

The CPA that you are selecting needs to have mastery over accounting standards and finance matters of your industry. When choosing the right certified public accountant, you need to ensure that you choose someone who has had experience working with similar clients like you.


2. Relationship with Banks

A certified public accountant needs to secure good relationship with the banks, since all of their work is associated with finances and monetary matters. If your CPA possesses good terms with the banks involved with your company, he might be able to assist you in securing funding for your company.


3. Relationship with Attorneys

A business has its good times and its bad times. You need to consider the relationships that your certified public accountant has with attorneys so that you might be able to avail the services of an attorney on a rainy day when the need of negotiation with your creditors arises.


4. Involvement with the Company

A CPA has to take the entire responsibility of dealing with the tax and finance matters of your company. Since you hand over an important task in their hands, in return you need to know the amount of involvement that they will have with your company. Also make sure they are well supervised if most of the work is being handled by the junior staff.


5. Interaction with Your Company

When you hire a CPA, you need to define the time span that he will be spending on your company. You also need to allot time for yourself, when you can sit down with him and discuss the finances. In addition, you also need to figure out and take their opinion on how much time will they be utilizing to work on your company's finances in the interim.


 6. Guarantee of Their Work

The firm of your certified public accountant also needs to provide the guarantee of their work in some form or another. The guarantee can be of any sort, be it money-back offer, discounts, customer feedback or client testimonials, but it has to convince you before taking on their services.


7. Their Qualification

The biggest question you need to ask your CPA is about their qualifications. You need to verify that they have given all the necessary exams required for the grant of CPA designation, as well as have the appropriate license for their specific state.


8. Code of Ethics

Every CPA is a part of a special organization that regularly reviews the quality of services being offered as well as defines a professional code of ethics for their members. All countries have their own professional organizations, and you need to make sure you know the organization your CPA follows.


9. Meeting Intervals

Before selecting a CPA you also need to decide the frequent intervals that you might have to face with him on a regular basis. If you do not have time for a local CPA who requires frequent meetings, you might actually think up considering non-local or online CPAs.


10. Client Feedback

Have you actually checked out the feedback related to your CPA yet? Try doing a research on the testimonials and previous clients of your desired accountant to measure where they stand in delivering their accounting services. 





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