Top 10 Qualities To Look For In a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

When it comes to certified public accountants, how do you determine the best? Usually, employers pick any CPA and are done with it.

However, if you do not seek out a good CPA, you end up bringing disaster to your firm in the long term. Here are the top ten qualities you need to look for in a certified public accountant:




They Should Be Qualified

The Certified Public Accountant that you are looking for needs to have earned a graduation from a well reputed and accredited college. He should have had graduated with good grades as well as passed the test for the official license of Certified Public Accountancy from a state where you and your firm are located.


They Should Have the Right Skills for the Job

A CPA is not only the one who has a bright mind, but he also needs to have a polished personality and additional skills overall. For example, the certified public accountants are required to have good communication skills so that they can interact on various platforms.


They Need To Be Familiar in the Right Type of Accounting

He needs to be familiar in the type of accounting that you need for your company to flourish. You cannot select someone who has no experience in your industry. You need to pick someone who not only has experience but also a good feedback of his services.


They Should Respect the Code of Ethics

Your certified public accountant needs to follow the code of ethics defined by his linked professional organization that are not only regularly reviewed for quality but also represents honesty and loyalty within his work.


They Should Strive For Learning

Your certified public accountant does not need to believe that once he is done with the license and exam, his education is over. He should continuously take guidance from professionals and other attorneys within his field about all the new services and advices.


They Should Stay Up To Date

Your CPA should remain up to date with the latest law technologies, changes and amendments and participate in professional training and development workshops so that he stays competent in the ever changing accounting and finance world.


They Should Be Pro At Banking Processes

His primary job is to secure funding for your company which is why he needs to be completely familiar with the institutions and banking processes to excel at his job.


They Should Have Outstanding References

Client feedback matters a lot. The quality of your certified public accountant is proven by his happy and loyal clients. He should either have wonderful references or excellent review for their job performances.


They Require Minimal Supervision

The main reason why you hire a certified public accountant is because you want to take the load of finances and taxes off your shoulder and let him take the entire responsibility. So your choice should be an accountant who requires none to minimal supervision and who can comprehend with your requirements easily.


They Should Seek Out Beneficial Transactions

The certified public accountant that you hire for your business needs to take decisions that are beneficial to your firm in the long run. He not only needs to initiate a new business transaction which he feels might offer benefits but also seek out new transactions. However, while searching out for new transactions he needs to keep a look out for the downfalls and trends as well.



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