Ten IRS Problems a Certified Public Accountant Can Help You With

Certified public accountants can be fairly helpful when it comes to sorting out problems related to IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

Here are the ten problemsrelated to IRS that you could come across every now and then.



Seizing of Properties

Due to some reason or another, the IRS has the power to seize your business equipment, inventory, real estate, automobiles, home or any other substantial asset. If you receive a Notice of Seizure at any time, contact your Certified Public Accountant immediately.


Interests and Penalties

Interests and penalties can be assessed by the IRS for many reasons. Most common reasons for such assessments are the failures to pay the owed taxes or filing tax returns. If you have interests or penalties building up, contact your CPA immediately, for IRS abates these only on specific conditions.


Taxes on Payrolls

All of the employers are required to deposit and withhold social security taxes and federal incomes from the paycheck of each employee. When it comes to collecting payroll taxes, the IRS can be quite aggressive. Some of these taxes can also be assessed against the employers or corporate officers by IRS personally.


Federal Tax Lien

If you have been assessed by IRS for a tax, you will be given a notice and two months to make a payment. If you fail to do so, you will be assigned a Federal Tax Lien when to all of your assets. The lien will give IRS the ability to seize your assets and establishes it as a secured creditor.


Unfiled Tax Returns

Filing tax returns should be your first priority when dealing with IRS. Until you don’t file all your tax returns, you will not be released any levies or considered for offers in installment or compromise agreement.




IRS can perform auditing on only specific items on the tax return. Audits can take up as little as a few weeks or even a couple of years. As soon as you receive an examination notice for audit, contact your certified public accountant. Planning before auditing is a significant task of the entire process.


Substitute Tax Returns

It is quite possible for IRS to file a substitute tax return upon your behalf. Should this situation occur, you need to file an original tax return yourself. IRS follows zero deductions and harshest tax returns when it prepares the substitute tax return which could result in an inflated tax bill for you.


Levies on Account Receivables

If you have a self-employed business or tax pays, your account receivables can be levied by the IRS. If you did not have these funds for daily operations, you might be forced to shut down.


Bank Levies

IRS can also send you a notice of levy for your bank account. Providing a notice of a month, IRS will have the power to seize all your funds if you fail to resolve the problem.


Wage Levies

IRS also has the power to send you a notice of intent to levy on your wages under certain conditions. Your entire paycheck can be levied and the notice will be attached to all of your paychecks until you issue a release.



If you find yourself stuck in any similar problem, your best call would be to call upon the help of your certified public accountant. They will have the right experience for sorting out the mess for you and guiding you to take the best possible action in return.




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