Top 9 Most Popular Accounting Careers

When you obtain an accounting degree, a new door opens to countless accounting careers. Accounting industries have been growing at a faster rate than other industries in recent years.

The need for accountants will remain as long as government agencies, nonprofits, businesses and all other organizations that deal with financial information and funds remain. Following careers make the top of the list out of the whole crème of available opportunities.
  • Certified Internal Auditors

Internal auditors help bring companies with mandates into compliance by working on tasks like investigating frauds, proofreading financial reports and operational effectiveness. Internal auditors also help advise boardroom and management members on how to do their tasks best. 

  • Payroll Managers

Payroll and accounting managers and administrators are responsible for ensuring that the payroll of an organization runs smoothly. This profession has a high outlook at the moment as a payroll manager has become a necessity at every firm that deals with finance related tasks. Payroll managers ensure that a business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

  • External Auditors

External auditors are independent accountants who visit different organizations for making recommendations about financial statements, reviewing records and their completeness and clarity. Most of the time, they are assigned these tasks by either local taxation entities or by government authorities. 

  • Accounting Clerks

Accounting clerks are normally hired by companies that work on a bigger scale. An accounting clerk has to perform duties at a smaller scale. He is only required to deal with a single financial responsibility at one time instead of multi-tasking. 

  • Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers are accountants who have to handle a large number of payrolls, purchases and sales related financial transactions regularly. In addition, a bookkeeper also has to generate external financial reports as well as internal financial documents. 


  • Financial Analysts

Financial analysts can help in growing a company to its maximum caliber for profits. Responsibilities of a financial analyst include reviewing tax, expenses, costs and sales, analyzing commodity prices and reading financial statements in order to estimate the current and future business related values. 

  • Certified Public Accountants

The need for CPAs is has grown exponentially. A certified public accountant helps a business to keep current with both international and domestic accounting standards. In addition, CPAs have to advise their clients and audit corporations on developments that can impact their business. 

  • Compliance Executive

A compliance executive can make sure that a company is working under the specified government related regulations and established guidelines. In addition, compliance executives also protect private and public shareholders from fraudulent practices and accounting errors, which is why they are in high demand in corporate environments and larger companies. 

  • Staff Accountant

One of the oldest careers, staff accountants are responsible for compiling journal entries and financial information for company accounts. The responsibility of a staff accountant includes summarizing financial transactions, classifying entries, recording information, preparing reports and gathering financial information.


Regardless of the career you decide to move ahead with, remember to put your heart in it, have fun and perform your duties with passion. It will help you excel at your field quickly and efficiently.




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